Type Flying 
Ability Arena Trap, Intimidate 
Location 113 

Bulbasaur is a Flying Pokémon that can first be encountered on Route 113. It will be able to evolve into Ivysaur starting at level 16, then to Venusaur at level 32.


Level UpEdit

Level Move Type
1 Rock Blast Rock
4 FeatherDance Flying
7 Slash Normal
10 Wing Attack Flying
15 Sky Attack Flying
15 Swagger Normal
20 Aeroblast Flying
25 Spikes Ground
32 Peck Flying
39 Spore Grass
46 Megahorn Bug


TM Move Type
02 Heal Bell Normal


Bulbasaur is obtained around level 14 after the third gym. In its current state, Bulbasaur has respectable Attack and Defense, but suffers from low Speed and Special Defense. All three forms get access to Aeroblast at some point in their moveset, with Bulbasaur acquiring it the earliest at level 20. Out of the three forms, Bulbasaur has the best moveset, picking up Spore and Megahorn at end-game while still having time to evolve to Venusaur before the Elite Four.

Recommended moveset as Bulbasaur:
Ability: Intimidate > Arena Trap

  • Aeroblast (level 20)
  • Megahorn (level 46)
  • Spore (level 39)
  • Swagger (level 15)

Recommended moveset as Ivysaur:
Ability: Drought > Minus

  • Aeroblast (level 20)
  • Megahorn (level 46)
  • Spore (level 39)
  • Softboiled (Heart Scale)

Recommended moveset as Venusaur:
Ability: Flame Body

  • Aeroblast (level 20)
  • Megahorn (level 46)
  • Spore (level 39)
  • Softboiled (Ivysaur - Heart Scale)